"Six years ago I received a call.
I was informed that five men that went on a jeep trip, traveling on the border of Yehuda-Arava Desert had apparently lost radio contact and telephone communication. My first and immediate decision was NOT to initiate a rescue operation. My reasoning was rational: What is the probability that five healthy young men would get in trouble, and none of them will be able to call for help? Very low..
Just a few short minutes later I received another telephone call from the worried wife of the jeep driver. Her husband promised to her to be back for a family celebration, and he did not show up. At that very moment I Decided to launch all the forces – dozens of volunteers in dozens of SUVs into the desert to search for the travelers.
Hours later with no progress, I gave a direct order to my teams: SHUT DOWN EVERTHING! Be still, be quiet and just listen"

So begins a rescue story, one of many.

Powerful floods in wadis, searching for missing people in the desert, evacuating injured hikers, helicopters and stretchers are all a significant parts of the high adrenaline, around the clock, Elad's seker routine.

Elad Seker


Elad engaged in search and rescue over 24 years, on a voluntary basis. Armed with more than 1,400 rescue incidents in Israel and the world, and therefore with many stories.

Since 2003, Elad has been serving as commander of the "Arava Search and Rescue Team" which is one of the most active teams in Israel. In addition, Elad leads international medical teams to disaster areas, he coordinates international cooperation in the field of rescue, he conducts seminars for other rescue teams commanders and he Lecturers in Israel and worldwide.

In 2010 Elad has received the "President's Volunteer Award"  from President Shimon Peres, in recognition of volunteer activities and contribution to the society, while enduring personal life threatening risks.

In March 2016, Elad was awarded along with his dedicated Rescue Unit Team, (86 volunteers from all the Arava communities), the "Ometz Award" in the field of Medicine.

Elad Seker is married with three children. He lives in  Moshav Eyn-Yahav, in the heart of the Arava Desert in Israel. He owns a vegetable farm and grows peppers for export.

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