Desert wisdom for the business world

The desert has the unique power to teach us how to think clearly and grasp situations you are dealing with. In this seminar we will learn how best to acknowledge both personal and organizational limitations and how this can help us with day-to-day challenges.

Humility, simplicity, and praise go hand in hand with leadership, empowerment in achieving our goals.

UNDER PRESSURE – decision making in uncharted waters

Seminar on leadership, decision making in the dark and leading teams.

We’ll acquire skills and managerial tools to multitask efficiently while emphasizing the importance of teamwork.

All seminars can be held overnight in the desert, setting a beautiful stage for great conversation, reflection, gaining insight and team building.

With a variety of different activities, we learn about the link between desert wisdom and the corporate world. Each seminar is customized to the client’s needs and budget. The production of everything else is on us!

Alternatively, there is also a one-day seminar.

This seminar includes an introductory lecture, ‘search and rescue’ simulations, followed by a summary of the day’s events and insights.

The seminar takes around four hours and can be held at your location of choice, and customized to your organization’s needs.

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