Dearest Elad, thank you for your fascinating and much inspiring lecture. Despite the challenges of online lectures and not being able to see your audience, you were able to captivate us all for the entire 1.5 hours of your lecture! Using your charm and wisdom you were able to perfectly link your ‘search and rescue’ world to our world of technology - where decisions need to be made daily, creativity is a must, teamwork is essential - as is having to overcome cultural diversity. Thanks to your intriguing lecture and magnetic personality, you showed us how your amazing world is very much like ours - we are all human and together we can reach our common goals. Thank you for your incredible work.
Keren Tal Bareket

Director of HR and Operations, ISDC Ltd, a SONY Company
You were fascinating, you made us laugh, you made us think, you helped us refine our perceptions of different situations - and the light bulbs kept turning on. We felt you were there for us on a personal level and it was evident that a lot had gone into customizing the content of the lecture to our specific needs.
Ayelet Simchi

Your lecture opened the door for us to the world of rescue volunteers and your real time decision- making process: decisions where there is no turning back. The lecture was authentic with the right amount of adrenaline. You left us all (both managers and engineers) in awe and extremely grateful for your day-to-day service. Thank you!
Einav Zefani

Organization Development Manager, ICL Israel
Elad’s lecture for our Air Force Pilot Training was fascinating, professional, and very educational. The Air Force cadets obtained new insights on how to make decisions in uncharted waters. The cadets rated this lecture as the best lecture of the course!
Lieutenant Colonel ‘G’

Commander of the Air Force Academy
The lecture was fascinating, empowering, and inspiring! Thank you for your amazing work.
Dr. Hila Figel

Head of Professional Development, Ministry of Health
Thank you for your enlightening and interesting lecture that completely engrossed us all – both for the group who were physically present and the group who were listening online. The content, presentation, and focal points are what made all the difference - great job.
Shuki Yoav

I want to thank you for the enlightening lecture you gave at our Corporate Customer Exhibition. Your expertise completely captivated our audience, grasped our attention, and provoked many thoughts and emotions. Carry on doing what you do in your unique ways - and please stay safe.
Dror Rizenberg

Marketing Manager, Electra
Synergy, determination, resilience, and teamwork - all of these values came through perfectly in Elad’s lecture through his personal and intriguing life story. His life values and morals are all so important to our managers and salesmen. Elad brought the right dose of humor to get everyone motivated. We were all completely engrossed during the entire lecture.
Limor Ben-Avi

Head of HR and Consumer Products, Electra
Elad’s work can be described as extremely professional, creative, open,and broad-minded. He knows how to customize his lectures to perfectly suit his audience’s objectives. Elad’s knowledge and experience is great, he is extremely eloquent and is a gifted speaker. His ability to impact a diverse group with different skills and abilities is commendable. And most importantly, he is one of the most humble and kind-hearted people I have met.
Yafit Matza

Head of Management School, Clalit
Thank you for the outstanding two-day seminar you organized for our team of managers at TOYOTA Israel (Union Motors). The planning and execution of it all was exactly what we had in mind and the content was fascinating. We listened to Elad’s incredible rescue missions, and we simulated ‘search and rescue’ missions. We then translated everything we learnt into our world of making decisions as managers when not everything is clear cut. Elad enlightened us by giving us a glimpse into his world of dealing with unprecedented situations with skill, extreme courage and genuine love and respect for all mankind. Elad is wonderful, eloquent, energetic, and extremely professional! Thank you so much for an unforgettable experience!
Shimrit Elipaz- Arye

Assistant Director of HR, Union Motors
This last February, we had a group of young Australians in the Arava for a day full of activities. The day ended off with Elad’s lecture on his experience with rescue missions, decision-making and the challenges he faces as the head of the Arava’s ‘search and rescue’ unit. Elad’s lecture is fascinating, his English is excellent, his lecture is humorous and perfectly suited to his audience. All of the teenager’s eyes (80 of them!) were sparkling with interest throughout the entire lecture as they sat and listened, completely engrossed in Elad’s every word.
Orit Elkayam

The Jewish Agency
We would like to thank you for your fascinating and thought-provoking lecture which was light and easy but with a very profound message. It was wonderful to see our entire team glued to their seats, listening to each and every word of your lecture. The work you do is exceptional, and we were privileged to listen and learn from you.
Ayelet Sigal

Mr. Elad lectured in front of 50 executive managers and department managers from Meuhedet (Primary Health Care) as part of their emergency training. The lecture was 1.5 hours during which Elad shared from his experience as the head of the ‘search and rescue’ unit, as well as leading international delegations. The lecture was fascinating, full of pictures and metaphors and left the entire audience in complete awe of Elad and his work. Elad’s unique ability to spark his audience’s interest and provoke each individuals’ personal thoughts was extremely impressive. As a huge organization, where all managers (executive and junior) are always glued to their phone, the fact that they completely ignored them during the lecture says it all. We were in touch with Elad prior to the lecture so he could suit it to our needs, and it has been an absolute pleasure to work with him. His professional manner, organization skills and decision-making expertise are an asset. We all feel privileged to have listened to him as well as enriched by his amazing experiences. I highly recommend him.
Gal Horowitz

Deputy Supervisor of Emergency Health, Meuhedet
Dearest Elad, it’s been 2 days since I heard your lecture, and I am still feeling exhilarated, amazed and full of appreciation for the work you do. We were all completely glued to our seats. Your lecture touched us all in our day-to-day lives. You are able to perfectly blend between professionalism and the inner soul. We all felt the emotions, dilemmas, and challenges you faced in the difficult situations you found yourself in. You taught us how making decisions includes: listening to your gut instinct and intuition, not passing judgment, leaving all communication channels open and available, taking a few steps back to see the bigger picture and how important it is to sometimes stop talking, stop all other noise and just listen…
Ruth Radiano

Head of Nursing, Hadassah Ein- Kerem University Hospital
Elad, you have the unique gift of ‘story telling’, and you do so eloquently, with simplicity and by making everyone feel like they were present with you in the situation you were talking about. You presented us with harsh dilemmas and conflicts and showed us how creative thinking and your experience led you to solve what you could in the most humane way possible.
Leah Weisman

Director of HR, Loewenstein Hospital
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