For over 25 years, Elad Seker has mentored leadership teams across industries, governments, and defense organizations worldwide. Elad’s experience comes from years of service as the Commander of the Arava Search and Rescue Unit, one of Israel’s most demanding – and busiest – rescue teams.

As commander, Elad led his teams through thousands of complex rescue operations, consisting of unpredictable challenges and extreme pressure. In each mission, Elad faced an endless array of crucial, high-stakes decisions – each of whom had to be made quickly and efficiently with incomplete information. Through raw experience, Elad gained the mastery needed to successfully navigate life-or-death situations.

Elad has channeled his unique experiences into a series of captivating lectures and seminars. He translates the wisdom of search-and-rescue decision making into the worlds of business, policy, and defense.

Today, Elad leads humanitarian aid missions to disaster zones around the world. He continues to serve as search-and-rescue commander as part of his IDF reserve duty, as well as an officer the military’s missing persons unit. Additionally, Elad leads field training for the IDF’s most elite combat units. He is a senior advisor and lecturer for the IDF and Israel’s security forces.

Elad has been awarded the President’s Award of Merit and the Award of Courage (Ometz) for saving lives in the desert.

Elad is 51 years old and married with 3 children. He speaks four languages and lives in Ein Yahav, a moshav in the Arava desert in southern Israel.

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